Sojourn Cellars produces highly acclaimed and memorably luxurious artisan Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wines. We source fruit from celebrated vineyards in both Sonoma and Napa counties. At Sojourn, every single decision we make, every vineyard we work with, every person on our small team, and every hour spent in the winery is done to deliver an extraordinary experience to our customers.
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Time and Place in Bottle

Above all, Sojourn undertakes to express each vineyard and vintage in the bottle. We source fruit from properties with specific combinations of soil, climate, and exposure that result in wines of distinction. Our grower partners share our commitment to low crop yields and high quality–grapes are sorted in the field throughout the growing season, as well as in the winery post-harvest, ensuring that only the most sound, perfectly ripe fruit makes its way into our fermentation bins.

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Premier Vineyards

We work with outstanding vineyards that are meticulously farmed by attentive farmers, many of whom are families who have been in the business for generations. The extreme reaches of the Sonoma Coast can be unforgiving terrain for growing wine grapes, but we are very fortunate to work with vineyards like Sangiacomo, Gap’s Crown, Rodgers Creek and others. Access to these special vineyards is one of the keys to our success – just like you can’t have a great meal unless you start with great ingredients – exceptional wines, require exceptional fruit.

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Highly Acclaimed Wines

In the cellar, we are zealous proponents of minimalist winemaking. All Sojourn wines are fermented and barrel-aged in small lots and attended to when necessary by hand. We believe this is the best way to manage tannins and mouthfeel while highlighting the personality and soul of the wine.

We craft wines that appeal to both old world and new world palates. Our wines are approachable early and have exceptional texture and a silky mouthfeel.

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