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Gap’s Crown Vineyard

Sonoma Coast, Petaluma Gap

Gap’s Crown Vineyard

Sonoma Coast, Petaluma Gap

Gap’s Crown Vineyard sits near the town of Cotati at an elevation of 300 to 800 feet, where it overlooks the Sangiacomo Vineyard just to the west. This is a high-end, hillside vineyard  that has established itself as a premium source for top rated Pinot noir and Chardonnay wines vintage after vintage. This extremely rocky, well-drained site with northwestern exposure benefits from the cool micro-climate of the area, as well as the natural stress created by the  severity of the terrain. It consistently produces powerful, concentrated Pinot noir wines in the New World-style. The Petaluma Gap moderates warm spells in the summer and fall, and enables the fruit to hang on the vine into late September and October for optimal ripening and balance.

At a Glance

Pinot Noir

Clones: 115, 828, 667
Rootstock: 110R & 3309
Planted: 2002 / 2005
Soil Type: Clay Loam with Significant Rock


Clones: 76, 95 & 96
Rootstock: Riparia Gloire, 1616, 3309
Planted: 2004
Soil Type: Clay loam with significant rock

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